Thursday, September 4, 2008

Updated photos (approx 10 weeks or corrected 3 weeks)

Liam in his bouncinette.

Liam and Daddy checking each other out.

Just had a bath.

Hanging out in his bassinette.

Tuckered out in his bouncer.

Liam comes Home.....

This is the incubator that Liam spent his first week and a half in. The light, bells and alarms were very scary but we knew that Liam was safe int the hands of the neonatal staff.

Liam is exclusively breast fed although I express each day and Miles does one feed at night with expressed breast milk. He seems more than happy to take bottle or breast even though people told us this may confuse him.

What a wee cutie.....

We were able to bring Liam home from Hospital on the 15 July when he was 3 weeks old. It was so nice to have him home finally. The first couple of nights were pretty horrendous though with Liam wanting to feed every 2 hours, it certainly was a wake up call to parenthood for Miles and I.

Time has flown by and PICKLE IS HERE !!!!

Ok so it's been quite a while since I posted. I don't really know where to start except to say Liam (aka Pickle) is now here. I went into labour on the 20th June and the Doctors managed to hold it off for 48 hours for the steroids to kick in to mature Liam's lungs. He was born on Tuesday the 24th June 2008 at 1332. His weight was 5lb 3oz (2350g) and his length was 46cm. I will fill in a more in depth labour story soon and the last of my belly shots. Here are a couple of photos for now though.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Little Pickles Nursery

Belly photo's Week 23, 25, 27 & 28.

The Home Stretch (Third Trimester)

We entered the third and final trimester on 13 May 2008. It's all been rather uneventful lately!! Which I'm not complaining about at all. It's great to be able to relax and know everything is going well and little pickle is growing nicely. I've definitely rounded out in my belly in the last few weeks and the discomfort of getting bigger is noticed more and more. I'm finding it harder to put my shoes and socks on, dry my feet etc...
I find it funny that as I walk around I notice women of all ages looking at my belly then smiling as if reminiscing when they were pregnant.
Pickles nursery is almost complete. We got the pictures up on the wall last weekend. One is a bright farmyard type mural that I had in my room as a child and one other major piece is a lovely bunny far-away type scene that Granny has given us (Miles step-mum). They both look fantastic in the room and have given it a really nice feel.
I've washed all the nappies, towels, linen and gender neutral clothing as well as a bit of boy/girl clothing. I guess when pickle arrives I will pack up whatever clothing we have in the "wrong" gender and be able to wash more of the "correct" gender clothing....

Monday, April 7, 2008

Anatomy scan. 18 weeks 3 Days

We had our anatomy scan on Friday 14th March at St Georges Hospital. Mum came along with us as she was actually meant to see our 12 week scan but with all the drama - she missed out. This scan was great to see all the "bits" of the baby in detail but overall wasn't as great as the 12 week scan. In the 12 week one you can see the whole baby on the screen so when it moves its hands and feet etc it's all really visible and easy to work out what bit is what. In the 2o week scan , everything is so much bigger and of course the whole baby doesn't fit on the screen so they view the body bit by bit which makes it harder to work out what you're actually looking at. At one point the tech was saying that's your baby's face and nose and all three of us were turning our heads on the side and couldn't work it out at all....
We got to see amazing detail for example - inside the baby brain, the pelvis, kidneys, spine, 4 chambers of the heart etc. Pretty amazing really. It was really great to hear that pickle was measuring right on target and that everything was normal. We got to see him/her sucking their thumb and little lips moving and the mouth opening and closing. Very cute.... ahhhhhh